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We’ve talked about the whole lot from turn-ons to tongue twisters, and now I’m curious: what’s your nickname? Mine is…

Fox. Alex calls me this completely, to the purpose that Toby, when he was little, really thought it was my identify. (“What’s Daddy’s identify?” Alex. “What’s Mommy’s identify?” Fox.)

Just a few years in the past, Alex even gave me a necklace that stated “Bunny” (him) on one facet and “Fox” (me) on the opposite.

Seven-year-old Anton is “Tony” and “Bony” and “Emperor Bombonicus.” Eleven-year-old Toby is “Tubby” and “Tubalicious” and “Tubby Wubby Was a Bear,” though he not too long ago requested we name him “Trax.”

Isn’t it superb how a lot nicknames can stick? My male cousins, who’re of their thirties, are STILL generally known as “Bear” and “Squirmy” by your entire household.

And wish to hear a shaggy dog story? My aunt’s actual identify is Rachel Penelope Goddard, however for nearly her whole life she has been generally known as “Lulu” as a result of as a baby, she all the time wanted to go to the toilet (or “lavatory”) at inopportune instances, like after they had simply boarded on a ferry or have been in the midst of a grocery retailer. Bathroom-loo = LULU!

What are your nicknames? What do you name your family members? I wish to hear…

P.S. A funny test for baby names, and how would you describe yourself in five words?

(Picture by J Danielle Wehunt/Stocksy.)

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