Big tortoise thought extinct 100 years in the past resides in Galapagos, Ecuador says

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The Galapagos Nationwide Park is getting ready an expedition to seek for extra of the large tortoises in an try to save lots of the species.

The turtle was discovered two years in the past on Fernandina Island, one of many youngest and most pristine within the archipelago, throughout a joint expedition between the Galapagos Nationwide Park and the Galapagos Conservancy.

Scientists from Yale College then recognized it because the Chelonoidis phantasticus species, which had been thought-about extinct greater than a century in the past.

“Yale College revealed the outcomes of genetic research and the respective DNA comparability that was made with a specimen extracted in 1906,” the Galapagos Park mentioned in a press release.

Within the Galapagos Islands, which served as the premise for the British scientist Charles Darwin’s concept of the evolution of species within the nineteenth century, many types of tortoises reside along with flamingos, boobies, albatrosses and cormorants, a household of species of aquatic birds.

It additionally homes a considerable amount of natural world at risk of extinction.

“It was believed extinct greater than 100 years in the past! Now we have reconfirmed its existence,” Surroundings Minister Gustavo Manrique wrote on his Twitter account.

The present inhabitants of big tortoises from varied species is estimated at 60,000, in accordance with information from the Galapagos Nationwide Park.

One was referred to as “Lonesome George,” a male Pinta Island tortoise, the final identified of the species, who died in 2012 with out leaving any offspring.

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